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  • Uroturf Mats are made from special polymer tufts that scrape stubborn dirt and muck off your footwear thus keeping harmful germs outside your home.
  • Uroturf Mats caters to a varied set of industries including numerous Corporate, Public Sector Units, Health Sector, Private Enterprises and the Hospitality Industry across the Country.
  • Uroturf Mats are available in roll form which can be directly placed on Felds, Passage Ways, Lobbies, Road Side, Pool Sides, Exhibitions, Artificial Parks, Amusement Park, etc.
  • Uroturf Mats are available in various colors and standard width and length which will be described below.
  • Uroturf Mats are Non Toxic and Environment Friendly.
Uroturf Mat Applications:
  • Entrance , Lobbies & Pathway
  • Corporate Office
  • Showrooms & Shops
  • Production Area
  • Households
  • Exhibition
  • Car Wash Units
  • Swimming Pool Area & Amusement Parks

Uroturf Flooring in a Garden
Uroturf Mat used on a passage way
Uroturf Mat Used on Road Track Side
Uroturf Mat on a Footsteps

Features Of Uroturf Mats
  • Excellent Wear & Tear Resistance
  • Anti Slip
  • Elegant & Stylish
  • Washable
  • Highly Durable
  • Maintenance Free
  • Multi Purpose Usage
  • Thicker Density of tufts for more powerful scraping effect
  • Tough tufts scrape dirt & mud
  • Keeps the harmful germs away
Product Specification (Uroturf Mats)
Weight 2.6 kg/Sq.mtr.
Thickness 16mm ±1 mm
Width 1.2 Mtr (4.0 ft. )
1.0 Mtr (3.3 ft.)
0.9 Mtr (3.0 ft.)
0.6 Mtr (2.0 ft.)
Roll Length 15 Mtr
Color Green, Red, Blue, Grey, Beige, Burgundi, Brown, Black

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