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Uroturf brings to you a brand new range of products under the umbrella of Urosplash. We manufacture a wide range of PVC Floor Mats like Hollow Mats, Hollow Backing Mats, S Backing Mats and S Mats, which can be categorized as follows:

1. Urosplash Hollow Mats
2. Urosplash Hollow Backing Mats
3. Urosplash S Backing Mats
4. Urosplash S Mats

Urosplash Hollow Backing Mats are made of very fine quality of polymer which is later takes the shape of unique style of tufts which scrapes the hardest dust from footwear and keeps it out of sight which give the clean and tidy look. Urosplash Hollow Backing Mats plays a very essential part in your home or office entrances and always keeps your floor dust free. These helps in maintaining a clean, sparkling and healthy environment all around. Urosplash Hollow Backing Mats are widely used in:

1. Home & Offices
2. Entrance of Malls
3. Pathways
4. Computer Rooms


Features of Urosplash Hollow Mats

Excellent performance
Optimum material
Quality approve

Features of Urosplash Hollow Backing Mats

Made of very fine quality of polymer
Scrapes the hardest dust from footwear
Available in various sizes and colors

Features of Urosplash S Backing Mats

Easily washable
Attractive look
Fine finish

Features of Urosplash S Mats

Shrink resistance
Eye-catching design


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